English Ministry

English Ministry

Pastor's Welcome

Thank-you for taking the time to stop by our page. Church of Hope is a young church with a heart to reach across the cultures. For many years I travelled with my wife and sons to urban centres around the globe, determined to see the world discipled for Christ.   

When I check the progress of our lives and ministry against our original calling and mandate—discipling the nations—this new opportunity to plant an intercultural church in my hometown   makes sense. We warmly invite you to join us as we seek to realize God's kingdom in Calgary as it is in Heaven.

Pastor Craig Eagle

Gathering Times

Sunday Morning 11:00 A.M.
We gather on Sunday to worship God through music and a Bible based sermon. The worship service is relaxed and comfortable and there is no dress code expectation.


Monday Nights 7:00 P.M.

Gospel in Life, Small Group Study (begining Sept.22)

We gather to become more like Jesus through study, prayer, friendship & service.


Weekly Sermon

제목 Date
Encouragement--Oh, How We Need It! 1,065 Jul 16 2014
Calm in the Storm 926 Jul 8 2014
My Friend, The Bible 1,030 Jun 23 2014
Training for Courage 1,033 Jun 17 2014
The Broken Body and the Cleansing Blood 1,021 Jun 10 2014
Under the Fig Tree 949 Jun 3 2014
Do Not Worry 1,037 May 28 2014
The Samaritan Woman - A Paradigm for Belief 885 May 20 2014
Mary, Characteristics of Grace 852 May 12 2014
Sharing a Meal with Jesus 1,028 May 6 2014
Understanding Prayer 910 Apr 28 2014
Speaking of Easter... 1,053 Apr 22 2014
Speaking of Easter... 0 Apr 22 2014
Speaking of Easter... 0 Apr 22 2014
So Happy Together 953 Apr 15 2014
The Holy Spirit 822 Apr 7 2014
Follow Jesus 858 Mar 31 2014
Fear of Man or Fear of God? 1,960 Mar 23 2014